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What is Project Support?

Project Support, Inc. is dedicated to making sure those who suffer from or are affected by mental illness understand that there is  help and hope available. We are committed to helping those individuals in a time of need by providing funds for basic needs, mental health treatments, and/or educational opportunities to assist individuals in obtaining self-sufficiency. 

What activities will Project Support Provide?

- Financial assistance for things such as housing, basic needs for an individual or their family members, mental health treatments, educational opportunities, and much more. 

- Information regarding mental health treatments available in the covered service area. Project Support, Inc. can provide connections with providers throughout the Roanoke and Vinton area.

-Educational seminars starting in 2020 to provide information on how to best manage your individual struggles with mental health or help someone you know who is struggling with mental health issues.

- Assistance with needed treatment modalities and services based on the following criteria:

1. Person applying must have an Axis I diagnosis qualifying as a severe mental illness which is chronic in nature;

2. Person applying must be able to provide proof of any household bills they are seeking assistance with. Project Support, Inc. reserves the right to contact any landlord or bill collector noted to confirm that all statements are accurate.

3. Person applying for financial assistance must be able to pass a drug test if given one.

- Activities and socialization opportunities can include bowling, roller-skating, putt-putt, luncheons, crafts, movies, field trips, and other events or activities to provide individuals with something to do and a way to socialize appropriately and with supervision. Activities and socialization events help mentally ill individuals to feel like a functioning part of the community and provide them with a routine and way to make friends.

Application for Assistance

*Please allow one week for staff to assess all applications and contact either the applicant or contact person onthe application **Project Support reserves the right to deny application we do not see fit.*

First Name:
Last Name:
Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy):
Phone Number:
Social Security Number:
Have you received any type of mental health treatment in the past and/or currently?   Yes    No

If so, please fill out the following information. Include name and phone number if applicable.
Clinician/MHSB Company:
Parole Officer:
Insured?   Yes    No
What type of insurance:
I. Reasoning for applying for our help? (Housing, Mental Health Treatment, Self Help Programs, Educational Activities, Basic Necessities, or Other)
II. Please further explain the situation at hand being sure to include alldetails we might need to make our final decision. (Please include attachments of any bills, invoices, or anything else being spoken about for our record.)
III. Exactly how much are you requesting and who would payment be made to?
a. NOTE: We cannout directly give money to individuals

IV. What are your future goals after receiving our support?

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