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Organization's History, Mission, and Goals

Project Support is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2016 after founder Jennifer Gobble saw the lack of mental health care support for individuals in our community who do not have insurance, have limited coverage, or who have insurance that does not recognize treatment for the mentally ill.It is our mission to support nurture, and empower our mental health population to secure a better quality of life.

Project Support is committed to bringing awareness to an issue that we are very passionate about. It is our hope to encourage not only our local community, but also our society as a whole, to have a positive attiude towards the idea of mental healthcare. We will strive to make the changes we wish to see in the world.

Organization Goals:

- To become a cornerstone in community outreach

- To aid in obtaining needed funds for client's during a state of emergency

- Provide educational opportunities to assist individuals in self-sufficiency

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