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What We Provide

Educational Activities: This will include community lectures and classes provided for a fee which is dependent of the length of technical content of the class.

Financial Assistance: Housing, electric bills, basic living necessities including hygiene products, furniture, etc.

Payee Services: Individuals who cannot manage their social security funds appropriately due to their mental health diagnosis. Payee services shall ensure that basic needs are met and money is not misused or stolen and will be provided to:

1. Individuals who receive SSI or SSDI from Virginia Social Security and who are deemed incompetent to manage their funds by Social Security Department through a physician’s statement;

2. A monthly fee for funds management is charged to all payee clients to cover bank account management and checks. The fee shall be $35/month and will be automatic debt from the representative payee account.

Assistance with needed treatment modalities and services based on the following criteria:

1. They must have an Axis I diagnosis qualifying as a severe mental illness which is chronic in nature;

2. They must have demonstrated an inability to access other community funding, support or insurance;

3. They must provide proof of any income and household bills showing a household budget that is incapable of supporting mental health treatment and/or needed services.

Activities and socialization opportunities for the mentally ill to include bowling, roller-skating, putt-putt, luncheons, crafts, movies, field trips, and other events or activities to provide individuals with something to do and a way to socialize appropriately and with supervision. Activities and socialization events help mentally ill individuals to feel like a functioning part of the community and provide them with a routine and way to make friends.

What City is the Activity Provided in?

All activities shall be conducted and/or provided in the areas of Roanoke County and City, Salem, Vinton, Bedford, Franklin, Henry Co, Lynchburg, Danville, Rocky Mount, Virginia.

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